Wildflower Brands

Content creation, graphic design
& visual marketing

Wildflower Brands is a wellness & retail company based in Vancouver, BC. As a Graphic Designer & Visual Marketing Manager, my daily responsibilities include creatively researching and designing concepts across all brands for seasonal campaigns, POS elements and marketing events.


I am responsible for creating content for social media, managing influencers’ campaigns and daily up keeping of all brands' digital presence. I am conceptualizing various marketing campaigns across all brands, as well as designing print and digital artwork, and overseeing Wildflower Brand’s creative assets. 

30 Day Wellness Refresh 2020

Social Media Campaign

Fall/Winter Seasonal Playlists 2020

Social Media & Spotify Campaign

Various Graphics 2020

Social Media Content

Mocktail Recipes Summer 2020

Social Media Campaign & In-house Photoshoot

Wildflower UK Launch 2020

Instagram Campaign

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