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ENVY at Peacocks

Branding, Visual direction, Graphic Design

ENVY is a British sub-brand of the retailer Peacocks. It aims to appeal to mature and confident women who value style and individuality, as opposed to Peacocks’ younger and more trend-driven customer. 


During my time at Peacocks, I was responsible for creating brand guidelines and visual direction for ENVY. From the tone of voice and visual approach, to internal guide documents, I was working alongside Peacocks’ Marketing Manager to ensure the effectivenes of ENVY's messaging. During ENVY's launch in 2018, I was also solely responsible for the execution of the launch campaign - from digital assets, to all print POS elements, such as window displays and in-store signage.


ENVY window at Peacocks flagship store in Cardiff, UK

Launch Campaign, December 2018

ENVY Brand Guidelines (Internal Use Only)

November 2018

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