City Cannabis Co.

UX/UI Design, Graphic Design, Creative Direction

City Cannabis Co. is a chain of licensed Cannabis dispensaries in Canada, owned by Wildflower Brands. During my time at Wildflower Brands, I was responsible for designing the frontend of our product dashboard.

The City Cannabis dashboard is a custom-developed interactive product catalogue & product information database. Working together with our BI Analyst, I have designed the UX/UI of the dashboard to be in line with the brand's visual language, while still remaining easy and intuitive for the customer. 

The dashboard is made up of three main components - the main product catalogue page, 'City Deals' page with a list of weekly discounts, and 'City Wise' page which shows a detailed breakdown of the properties of each product tested by the City Cannabis staff.

The main purpose of the dashboard is to improve the in-store customer experience by providing easy access the store's inventory, as well as educating the customers about the properties behind the quality of each product. It's being used by the consultants as a vital sales tool and has proven to be effective in helping the customers navigate through our extensive inventory with ease.

Developed using Microsoft Power BI.


City Cannabis Product Dashboard

651 Robson Street, Vancouver BC